Learn to Hit Bullseye

You can aim true and reach your target by first answering these questions. ARE YOUR RIGHT- OR LEFT-HANDED?What is your stance? How do you notch the arrow on your bow's string? And how should you hold your bow?
Decathlon Malaysia
December 17, 2021


As soon as you begin archery, the first thing you should do is determine your dominant eye. This is generally the eye that corresponds to your dominant hand. Try taking this very simple test to figure out which eye controls your vision: while facing the target boss, stretch out your left arm in front of you and close your left eye.

If you aim with your right eye, your are a right-handed archer. You should hold the bow with your left hand and draw the string with your right hand. In the same way, if you aim with your left eye, you are a left-handed archer. You should hold the bow with your right hand and draw the string with your left hand.



Posture is key to getting luck on your side and hitting the bullseye .

Even before you string your bow or draw the string, you should find your stance in relation to the target, which should be lined up along the "shooting line". Your stance is the placement of your feet in relation to the target. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart while parallel to each other and perpendicular to the target.

Archery requires extreme stability: therefore, despite the weight of your bow, you must remain as stable as possible. By keeping your posture straight and distributing your weight evenly on both feet, you can easily and smoothly string and draw your bow.



Once you have determined your dominant eye and you know how to correctly stand on the shooting line, you're almost ready. Just hold off on shooting for a moment longer. You now need to learn how to nock your arrow on the bow and how to place the string.

First, point your bow down (for safety reasons). Then nock your arrow on the string. The arrow includes three feathers, one of which is a different color: this is the cock feather. It should be positioned perpendicularly to the bow's launch window, away from you. Once this first step is completed, raise the bow in front of you and aim at the center of your target.

The string of your bow should be positioned against your chin. It is generally at the middle of the chin, or slightly to the side of your jaw. Don't be afraid to hold the bow close to you: the string should actually touch your nose and mouth if you are correctly positioned. Above all, don't forget: archery requires accuracy but also training! Choose the right tools and follow our advice to get luck on your side, aim true, and hit the bullseye!