Fun Games At Home For Your Kids

Our tips of the best activities for your kids to play at home.
Decathlon Malaysia
February 10, 2021

You may have heard that kids should be physically active at least 60 minutes per day. While sometimes that may seem like a stretch, our rundown of games to be played at home makes it so easy.


Whether it’s in your back garden or (for the daredevil parents out there) your living room floor, the nation’s number 1 sport is bound to have you kids happily hooked for hours, if not days. Alongside a normal game of two on two, you can also play headers and volleys, crossbar challenge or a game of one bounce. All you need is a goal and a ball. Easy!


A game that requires patience and precision, but once they’ve learnt the rules, they’ll never want to put their cues down. It does of course involve needing to have a pool table, but with a wide range of different shapes and sizes out there, you’ll find one to suit your space.


A contest of two halves, cricket gives it’s players the chance to learn a wide range of skills, including bowling, batting, throwing and catching. While it’s advisable to purchase a kids cricket set, the only essential item is a cricket bat, and then every other bit of equipment can be found elsewhere.

Table tennis

Whether it’s indoor or out in the garden table tennis or ‘ping-pong’ is the ideal game to keep your little ones active. It is a game that involves maximum exertion with zero impact, meaning your precious belongings will remain intact. To get a game going, you need at least two bats, a ball and either a table tennis table, or a smooth table of which you can fix a table tennis net across.


This may appear an unusual one, but this is an activity that helps develop hand-eye-coordination, focus, patience and building up strength. While archery is certainly not one for indoors, and does involve supervision at all times, once their archery set arrives, it could turn into a passion that lasts a lifetime.

Backyard camping

To take your little ones on an even smaller adventure, why not get a tent set up in your garden? Not only will it teach them how to set up in a tent in a stress-free scenario, but they will also be enjoying time outdoors, and if the weather’s suitable, why not spend the night out in the tent?