Enjoy The Anti-stress Benefits Of Fitness Walking

Sport is good for your health... but you already knew that. But did you know that a physical activity can also help you look after your mental health? Discover the anti-stress effects of fitness walking. Take the opportunity to discover another aspect of this truly comprehensive sport!
Decathlon Malaysia
April 19, 2021


Home, work, the outside world: your worries can often build up and create a situation of intense stress that is difficult to manage.

Doing a regular gentle activity such as fitness walking allows you to instantly take a break from these worries.

Many fitness walkers confirm that this sport has a beneficial effect on their everyday life.

One such walker is Pauline, a digital communications manager, who takes advantage of her lunch break to go fitness walking: "When I go walking, it's time for me to really relax, and a great opportunity to disconnect from work. I enjoy the fresh air, I recharge my batteries, and I get rid of my stress for the rest of the day!".

Emmanuel Lassalle, a dedicated athlete and experienced solo walker, agrees: "This sport allows you to refresh your body and mind. I think about a lot of things when I walk, and I find solutions for certain everyday problems. I love my long walks; it's a real opportunity to reconnect with myself. Sometimes, I don't even feel like I'm doing exercise!"


When you go fitness walking, your blood becomes more oxygenated. This increase in oxygen provides a feeling of calmness that you will enjoy during and after your fitness walking sessions.

When you exercise, your body will produce up to five times as many endorphins as when you are resting: these endorphins are sometimes known as the "happiness hormone"! Endorphins are a source of well-being for your mental health, giving you a more positive outlook and helping to prevent depression caused by excessive stress.

This is all true, but... These benefits are only produced when you exercise for at least 30 minutes in the endurance zone. Which is lucky, as this zone is also where you burn the most calories!


  1. Your movements should be relaxed

    The first signs of stress often appear in your shoulders and back. To get rid of tensions that affect these areas, make wide, relaxed movements, especially with your arms.


    When you relax the muscles in your face and smile, you'll enjoy walking even more. Try it; it's a game changer!

    3 – Reconnect with yourself!

    Find pleasant routes, far from traffic (noise, pollution). For a completely relaxed fitness walking session, it is better to go walking twice to three times a week rather than try to fit it all into the weekend!

    And you? Do you notice any anti-stress effects when you are fitness walking? Share your experiences!


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