7 Camping Essentials For Your First Camping Trip

Are you planning to go on your first camping trip with your loved ones? It's definitely an adventure worth looking forward to! As exciting as it is, planning a camping trip can be pretty overwhelming. You do not want to over-pack but also don't want to be underprepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Unlike traveling in cities where essentials are easily accessible, if you're already out in the wild it's almost impossible to get last-minute necessities. So if you're determined to have everything packed and ready for your first camping trip, here are 10 essential camping equipment you will need.
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October 13, 2022

What Do I Need For My First Camping Trip?

Always keep in mind that packing for a camping trip is unlike packing for when you are going on a holiday. You should only pack the necessities to prevent carrying around a heavy bag to your camping site. An overloaded bag could slow you down and make hiking to the camping spot even more challenging. However, a light bag where the necessities are missing could spell disaster for your camping trip! So, to prevent this from happening, it is best to refer to the list below.


This is the first and most important thing you will need during a camping trip. A camping tent is your shelter from the elements and something you will sleep in. Depending on your style of excursion, the type of tent you will need is key. If you are hiking and walking to the camping spot, a lightweight tent that can be easily stowed away is the best option. However, if you are driving to the camping site, you have the luxury of getting a sturdier and larger tent. Try to practice and familiarise yourself with setting up the tent at home; that way, putting up the tent at the site will be a breeze. 

Sleeping Bag

Besides a tent, a sleeping bag is another essential for a camping trip. It is vital to stay warm while you are in the wilderness, and even in the hottest place, the temperature can drop at night. There are various types of sleeping bags available on the market with different features and functionalities. Do your research on the weather at the camping location, especially at night. That way, you can have an idea of how much insulation is needed for your sleeping bag. To get yourself comfortable in a sleeping bag, try sleeping in it at home. This will also prevent sleepless nights when you are in the wilderness. 

Camping Mattress

In order to avoid feeling as though you are sleeping directly on the hard ground, surround your sleeping bag with a comfortable camping mattress. Additionally, a good night's sleep is essential for a successful first camping trip. Similar to sleeping bags and tents, there are a few various sizes and designs to pick from, depending on how long your vacation will be and where you'll be camping.  There are choices between lighter foam pads, smaller air pads, or larger self-inflating pads that might be more appropriate for drive-up campgrounds.

Staying hydrated throughout the trip is essential for survival, especially with all the outdoor activities that you will be doing. Not having fresh water nearby is the last thing any camper wants during their camping trip, while drinking from an unknown body of water can cause severe sickness and diseases. Carry more than enough water for the entire trip, so you will have one less thing to worry about. Bring along a filter or water purification tablets that will help keep the water safe to drink if you have to refill your bottle from a nearby stream.

Portable Stove

Next is to have a camping cooking set to help cook up meals. A portable stove will allow you to cook a simple meal or two during your camping trip. Having proper food for nutritional value will give you all the energy you need to stay active. Moreover, you will have better control when cooking certain meals over the portable stove than on the open fire. If this is your first camping trip, relying on energy bars and instant food may make you feel cold and miserable. So be sure to test out the portable stove and gas canister at home to ensure that you have gotten a suitable one before your camping trip, and you can have a nice warm meal during the camping trip. 

Foldable Table and Chairs

If you are not travelling to the campsite on foot but driving there, bringing along a camping table and some camping chairs will allow you to relax properly. Besides that, you can also enjoy your meal comfortably without worrying about spillage. Preparing and cooking your meal will also be convenient with a foldable table. Having enough rest in between activities is crucial for your body to recover and prevent injuries. Hence, sitting in a proper position, such as a chair, will allow your body to recuperate. There are also lightweight chairs available on the market if you are hiking to your campsite. Aside from adventures, camping is also meant for you to relax and enjoy the nature surrounding you.


Having a source of light when camping is crucial as, depending on the location, there are no lights at the campsite. Relying on your phone will not be sufficient as it will drain your phone battery quickly, and you may need it for emergencies. Get a good quality torchlight so you know it will keep going throughout your trip. Besides that, headlamps are available on the market, which are useful when carrying out a task that requires both hands. A lantern will help you navigate the campsite and provide excellent ambient lighting. Camping lantern lights will be easy on the eye when spending time with your loved ones. The fire may be a great light source; however, it can cause discomfort to the eyes after an extended period.

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