5 Fat Burning Foods

Do you work out on a regular basis but figure that it's high time you starting thinking about what's on your plate? Give your body a boost with these fat burning foods. Some are known to decrease the transformation of sugars into fat and help to eliminate it. We have selected a few for you. Discover 5 fat burning foods. Take note!
Decathlon Malaysia
September 7, 2021


Despite having a reputation as high in fat (160 kcal for 100g), avocado is in fact perfect for athletes. Most of the energy comes from its fat content, mainly composed of mono unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid mainly) which has a protective role on the cardiovascular system. they are easily burned during exercise and help with fat burning. Avocado also contains lecithin, active in movement cerebral organisation and nerve impulse transmission down to the muscle. Essential for sports! Lecithin also helps regulate cholesterol levels. Low in fibre, you can eat avocado before training, and afterwards too as it has good mineral content (potassium, calcium, magnesium) help to neutralise acidic waste.


Did you think it was fatty? Not at all, salmon is great for slimming. 100 grams of fresh salmon is equivalent to 205 kcal. This tasty fish is one of the richest sources of omega 3 (good fats that protect the heart). These nutrients are involved in the melting fat and are easily burned by the body. They prevent the bad fat from being stored and help the cells process sugars better. Remember this: don't leave your salmon too long out in the open as this causes the beneficial active ingredients to disappear. Cook it in a multitude of ways: steamed, baked in foil... with some fresh lemon zest and dill to help digest the fat.


Alone, lemon has the power to eliminate toxins and boost digestive process. Citric acid helps the stomach break down fats and proteins. The high vitamin C content is stimulating and energising, lemons are great for really boosting your metabolism. This way you'll burn even more calories at any time of the day, whether you're working out or resting. Drink it preferably in the morning to detox your body (squeeze a lemon into a glass of lukewarm water). This will activate bile secretion and get the liver ready to better digest the food that you eat during the day. At other meals, you can add a few drops of lemon to your meat, eggs and beans to help with digestion.


Munching on apples can help to lose weight! Rich in fibre, vitamins C, low in calories, apples are an excellent appetite suppressant. They contain a significant amount of pectin, which is both filing and traps fat in the stomach. An average 150g apple provides 18 to 20 g of carbs (i.e. 74 to 80 kcal) which are slowly and gradually absorbed by the body. Result: no more feeling peckish, feel full! Another thing: eat apples with the skin on. Researchers have found that ursolic acid in the skin of the apple helps to burn calories and increases muscle mass. Go for Granny Smiths that have very little sugar.


As its name suggests, coffee contains caffeine which can actively help burn fat. If you drink it without sugar or milk, your coffee contains no calories. So you can carry on drinking it, espresso or Americano, but not too much! So even if some studies have shown that drinking coffee reasonably can improve our athletic performance and help to burn fat, you shouldn't drink too much of it. Remember this: no more than three cups a day!