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I'm Exercising But Still Gaining Weight. What To Do?
When you combine physical activity with a diet, it's fairly common to see your weight loss stagnate, or you might even gain some weight. Why is this? Can exercising make you gain weight? Should I stop doing sports while dieting?
Decathlon Malaysia
March 3, 2022
Simple Tips On How To Care For Your Inflatable SUP Boards
Itiwit inflatable stand-up paddle boards have been tested for great durability and endurance. However, you might also want to consider these simple care steps to ensure that it lasts longer and riding great for years and years to come!
June 15, 2021
Working Out Alone At Home: 4 Secrets To A Successful Workout
Make no mistake: motivation is often easy to gain, but much harder to maintain over time! Here are a few tips for helping you continue your cardio training at home.
Decathlon Malaysia
June 11, 2021

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Football At Home For Children
Playing football is an experience for sharing with team-mates, so why not enjoy it with the best team of all: your family!
Decathlon Malaysia
June 17, 2021
How To Choose Your Football Shoes?
When playing football, it's essential to wear a decent pair of boots that is suitable for the surface you're playing on. KIPSTA offers a complete range of football boots to meet the specific needs of each surface type. How to determine which boots should you go for? On which surfaces?
Decathlon Malaysia
May 28, 2021
How To Build Your Endurance At Home Or At The Gym
Cardio cycling, treadmill, cross-trainer, and more: Check out our handy tips for working on your endurance and boosting your cardio levels!
Decathlon Malaysia
June 12, 2021